2009. május 13., szerda

Lace bobbin tatting shuttle

I finished with a new one again:-))

2009. május 10., vasárnap

I like it in red

I wanted to show you some recently projects so I embedded this slideshow about a padouk shuttle I like very much:

2009. május 6., szerda

So seemingly there was a problem with the photos in the blog but I corrected it.

Now it's working like my shuttles:))
One fallow who visited me last weekend asked how can I waste my time making this tinny wooden shuttles. (He gave the name matchbox!!). I could do something different.
I tried to explain but it was hopeless, for some it's not easy.

But nevertheless I made some progress and finished a wooden pattern with which I'll be able to create new type of shuttles. I already put together 2 pieces but I would like to do it properly.

Other thing, if somebody started reading this blog could think I've just started this affair with the shuttles. It's not totally true but when I began this blog I thought I should start from the beginning.
I do hope, it's not an issue.

2009. április 20., hétfő

So I went on and made some other - much easier tatting shuttles. My wife liked it and she started to “promote” in her small but growing tatter community. So I can’t stop and I went on. I also got some negative feedbacks which helped me a lot. The next generation of shuttles looked like arrow-head. Some liked it some not so I couldn’t decide whether it’s good one or not. That’s why I decided to try myself and my shuttles on the Etsy. At first I put the lace bobbin shuttle up for bids and it worked! Here are some pictures about the arrow-head stile shuttle – made from African rosewood and from Gombe hardwood.

2009. április 18., szombat

the beginning...

So I

decided to create a tatting shuttle!


It’s very simple.

Because my wife decided to learn how to tat with shuttle.

Of course she bought some but seemingly not the best ones so my future was clear.

But I have to admit: I like to handcraft thing. Especially from wood.

The first one was a rather complicated one; it’s called Nr. 1.